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in four easy steps:

1. Find Us On OrgSync

You’ll need a uID to join and create a profile. Applicant must be 18 or older and enrolled in at least one credit hour at the University of Utah. Applicant can be an undergrad or grad student. Click here to find us!

2. Fill Out Club Forms

Complete all required Club forms: Membership Application, Assumption of Risk and Liability, and Proof of Insurance. Please login with uID to access all forms. Club forms can be found here.

3. Pay Club Fee

Applicant can either pay the Treasurer directly with cash, card, or check; or, the applicant can pay right on OrgSync. Please make checks out to the Utah Cycling Club.

4. Approval

The Secretary approves you and moves you to the Official Members group on OrgSync. Member privileges will include at a basic level: access to club emails, events, sponsorship orders, discounted Club apparel, and the right to race for the Utah Cycling Club.

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About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of the Utah Cycling Club is to create a friendly and competitive environment where students can compete in collegiate races

The Utah Cycling Club is organized to provide college and graduate students at the University of Utah an opportunity to share a common interest in cycling, learn crucial interpersonal skills, increase leadership proficiencies, and race in USAC collegiate races. The Utah Cycling Club’s goal is to create a positive cycling experience for students by teaching proper cycling techniques and form, conducting rides and other bicycling-related events, providing social opportunities for members, promoting bicycle safety, and supporting local, state and national bicycling organizations by advocating increased support for cycling among the general public. The overall vision of the Club is to develop the sport of cycling in the state of Utah and help make the University of Utah the epicenter of cycling events and opportunities.

Club Sponsors

We deeply appreciate our sponsors! It's because of them that we can do what we do best.
Visit our sponsors page!
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DNA Cycling

DNACYCLING’s brand strategy is centered on years of tradition fueled by trending innovations. Customizing products for both dirt’n asphalt. DNACYCLING is young by brand, but rich in experience.
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Reynolds Cycling

We are scientific in our processes, innovative in our designs, and uncompromising in our selection of materials. We deliver unparalleled experience and performance.
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Rudy Project

Cycling Accessories
For 25 years Rudy Project’s mission has been simple – research, develop, apply and promote technical innovations to create comfortable, practical, stylish and cutting-edge product that meets the needs of even the most demanding athletes.

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